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All Pieces Are One Of A Kind And Made By An Independent Artist 

Most of my designs are inspired by literary figures.You can find the products under the filter "style" on my shop page.  See which characters you like.   I can adjust the size slightly, if there are two sizes listed, it doesn't mean there are two hats, it means I can adjust it before sending it.   Contact me if you would like to see if I can make a similar one in your size, or stretch the one posted.    Thanks, Diane  

Don't know
your size? 

Find out here

Measure to the quarter-inch around your head where a hat usually sits. 

S (~21.5/75")

S - S/M (21.5"+)

S/M (~22")

M  (~22.5")

M-ML (22.5"+)

ML (~23”)

L (~23.5"+) 

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