Social Distancer Ursula (purple/straw)

Social Distancer Ursula (purple/straw)

This is my third "social distancer" that I have made.   It used one entire hank of the tubular horsehair braid.   I order the braids from manufacturer in Switzerland, and I meant to get light purple, but they sent me the dark purple, but to me, any purple is pretty much a good thing.   The brim is around 8" wide, so it doesn't quite keep you 6 feet apart, but it helps and makes you feel like you are in your own little space.   Specify if you need the s/m or the medium as it is sort of in between and I can make it right before sending it a very large box! 


  • character

    Ursula is one of the two fashionable, littel bit on their own terms, sisters in D.H. Lawaurce's novel  "Women in Love".  


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