Myrna  (wheat with black/nat'l edge)

Myrna (wheat with black/nat'l edge)

THis nice wide brim gives great shade at 4 and half inches.  The edge can be turned up slightly, but the Myrna's tend towards the floppy sun hat look without getting too floppy of course.   It is paper fiber braid with a Swiss raffia band and black and cream hemp in the striped edge.  

  • character

    Myrna Minkoff is from one of my all time favorite books, The Confederacy of Dunces.   Author is John Kennedy Toole.  She doesn't appear much, she is odd one, but I had to name a hat after her.  I think she would want to wear a hat, but be stealthy and hide a bit in it as she ventures out.   So I brim that has some cover, but not too noticeable, but has drama...the mix of that.  


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