Myrna  (wheat/natural pinched crown)

Myrna (wheat/natural pinched crown)

Rumpled and worn, but elegant at the same time.   This golden colored paper braid is wide and soft, so I like taking pinches in the crown to add to the vintage look.   The brim is just under 3 inhces when turned up, so offers a decent amount of shade but is a not a large brim.   

  • character

    Myrna Minkoff is from one of my all time favorite books, The Confederacy of Dunces.   Author is John Kennedy Toole.  She doesn't appear much, she is odd one, but I had to name a hat after her.  I think she would want to wear a hat, but be stealthy and hide a bit in it as she ventures out.   So I brim that has some cover, but not too noticeable, but has drama...the mix of that.  


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