Molly Bloom (single tier, olive w/ black)

Molly Bloom (single tier, olive w/ black)

I made two parts from the 6 mm wide olive tweed, a crown and a, what I call "accordian" brim piece.   I like the in and out curves I can create with the narrower braids.   All the parts are a bit moveable on the brim,  I tried to captue that in the picture.  I like the feel of being hidden in this style as it is vintage-y and unusual, but not too showy either.   Brim comes out 3 inches.  

  • Molly Bloom

    Molly Bloom is the main female in Ulyssess by James Joyce.  Written in 1922,  this hat seems like it has a vintage feel, not quite like a cloche though.  Maybe more Irish?   I have to admit that I not read all of the great work...but I have listend to half of it on audio and someday I will finish it! 


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