Molly Bloom (olive/lavendar tweeds)

Molly Bloom (olive/lavendar tweeds)

Three parts all fitted together to make these layered Molly Blooms.  The brim is maleable and soft, but keeps its ability to move up and down, or you can choose to bury yourself in it with it down all way around.   The pop of the lavendar underside summery.  The brim is 3.25 inches. 

  • character

    Molly Bloom is the main female in Ulyssess by James Joyce.  Written in 1922,  this hat seems like it has a vintage feel, not quite like a cloche though.  Maybe more Irish?   I have to admit that I not read all of the great work...but I have listend to half of it on audio and someday I will finish it! 


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