Fur Felt  - light grey woven brim

Fur Felt - light grey woven brim

This is super soft fur felt.   It is called a Salomé finish, and you can see the long hairs on the surface, it is 100 % rabbit.   I am posting three of them in various colors, they are the last I will do of the season, as I am hoping to get back to the straw to prep for spring starting in January.   There is an elastic banding on the inside, and I can add a bit of foam, so that is why two sizes are listed.   These are my favorite felts, so luxurious to see and touch.  

  • Care

    They hold up super well in any rain or snow.  Not necessarily repelling it, but if does soak in (would have to be a big storm for that) - just set it to dry when you get home.