Daisy B (turquoise, black bow band)

Daisy B (turquoise, black bow band)

This has textured and worn look to it, and is so light weight. The braid is a paper fiber, holds upwell, but is a soft had that willfade some over the years. For everyday, but not your average looking hat. Brim gives some eye shade, and turned down a bit of face coverage also.  The pinches in the crown are stitched in, adds more texture and shaping.  

  • character

    These slanted narrow brims are reminiscient of the 20s and bring to mind the amazing (and well known) book - The Great Gatsby.  Daisy Buchanan is the main character.   I have a lot of this "cloche" style as it is one of my favorite, they vary a lot in fiber and angle, but do have a similar outline.  


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