Bernice  (double brim nat'l & turquoise)

Bernice (double brim nat'l & turquoise)

I don't do many of these,  but always a surprise when one sees the pop of color on the underside brim.   This one has a deep rounded crown, so not for those who don't like to wear a deep hat.   It is a hemp braid straw, which is airy and easy, it does wear a little over the years, but still looks fabulous.   The brim is 2.75 in the back and 3.25 in the front.   It can bend up slightly (by pinching the braid a little) in the front, but looks so vintage-y when down. 

  • character

    Bernice is inspired from a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, "Bernice Bobs Her Hair".   She is a young teenager, and I think this hat could be worn by a young woman in the 20s.  


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