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Another Art Fair Cancelled

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

I am sure most of you are aware so many of us art fair artists are struggling to find a way to reach our customers. It has been rough seeing all the posts from my artists friends and waking up each day to this new reality. I love to make hats and will keep making them. Part of the joy is making each one unique and seeing it go off on the perfect head. So, my plan is to make A LOT of hats, and hope shows can start up mid summer and into the fall. Meanwhile I am learning how to do a store on my website and I will be picking out about a dozen hats and posting them as on my product page with the head size and dimensions and price. And shipping off to whoever orders first. BUT, I am happy to do custom work, and many of you know my hats and will be fun to work with when I am not all rushed. So there will be limited pictures of the hats, but know there are many many more in the studio waiting to see the sun on a head. Don't hesitate to call, text or email - just bug me! And we can work out a custom order! Stay well and thrive as you can in this bizarre time. Trying to wear that boss hat and tell myself to get this store set up online and do a mailing list...

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